We are a technology combining mapping, mobility, cloud computing, business process analysis and geomatics to build multi-functional solutions to support digital transformation.

Our mission is to enable the emergence of Urban Intelligence.

We do so by providing governments, cities, private companies and citizens with innovative tools addressing land tenure, modern housing issues, access to services and resilience challenges.

In action: Calar Mobi, our flagship mobile application is used to capture cadastre and land registry data.


At Camidus, we take to heart every idea and promote out-of-the-box thinking. This allow us to build first class solutions that meet our customers’ short term needs and can be managed to satisfy long term needs as well.

Main tenant la terre

Quality of life

Society is at the center of our philosophy and our technologies take in account the human factor in order to create the maximum positive impact.

Cycle de la terre

Sustainable Development

Our systems and softwares are used in urban planning and contribute to the construction of equitable liveable and sustainable cities.

Francophonie 35 < 35

Award Winner 2016

Challenge Total - Startupper of the year

3rd Prize - Cameroon, 2015-2016

8th Lojiq Gala

New Markets & Exports Prize - 2016

Africa Youth Awards

Technology Award - 2016