Software Solutions

Our solutions help improve tenure security, modern housing, access to services, resilience of communities and foster the emergence of urban intelligence.

Calar Cadastre

A suite of web applications for cadastre data management and maps visualization through web geographic information systems.

Calar LC

An application to manage the land registry and integrates with a cadastre database.


A web application that tracks the billing of services and can be used for conventional billing of utility services such as water and electricity and also for property taxation.

Calar Mobi

A mobile application for geospatial and sociodemographic data collection integrated with a digital land registry and the cadastre.

Geo Citizens

A mobile workforce management solution that enables private businesses to leverage location-based data and service activation maps


A virtual assistant that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing to improve municipal services and provide citizens with a way to address their concerns and issues in a smart city.


Data Collection - Our professional services team can draw on a variety of data collection tools for specific projects.



Decision Support Systems - We design decision support systems allowing customers to respond to urban problems.



Connected and Smart Cities - Through City Labs,our research center, we create systems that transform urban life and contribute to the emergence of smart cities.



  • Performance.
  • Real-time compliance of processes.
  • Data preservation, digitization and storage of existing data.
  • Database security and integrity management.