70% of the land parcels in the world are not mapped and by 2030, 50% of citizens in sub-saharan Africa will live in urban areas. While urbanization is inevitable, cities management needs to evolve in order to prevent land conflicts, ensure equitable access to modern housing, improve public services, build resiliency and foster sustainable economic development.


Public Sector

Calar, our turn key solution allows central governments and cities to modernize land registry and cadastre management, improve tax collection, land use planning, estate management, access to public services and decision support.

Banks & Microcredit

Financial institutions can take advantage of the Geocitizen platform to improve commercial zoning, enable real-time service for field requests processing, or integrate spatial information into traditional banking data.

Insurance & Electronic Commerce

We offer our expertise and advice to build custom solutions based on cadastre and land registry information that also integrates fraud and identity management, address validation, location and electronic payments.

Our Partners